Bottoms UP!

Earn Your right to be heard, or to lead.

hmm, THOUGHT SPOT:  I don’t completely agree with the “asking” comment. I think it is healthy to ask for what you’d like and review that ideas on how to get it.  Although, of course, leaders like these men have many great lessons to share.  What do you all think?

Check out what Seth Godin says:

“In most situations, I’d argue, you earn the right to be heard. If there’s a sick person on the plane, the doctor in 3b has the right to speak up, the hysterical person behind her does not.”

“So, here’s a quick list of a few ways to earn that right:

  • Be informed
  • Be rational
  • Pay your dues
  • Have a platform where a lot of people can hear you
  • Be an impacted constituent, not a gadfly
  • Represent a tribe of people with similar concerns
  • You’ve been right before
  • You’re not anonymous
  • You have a previous relationship and permission to interrupt
  • Listening to you earns something of value”

(Seth Godin)

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14 thoughts on “Bottoms UP!

  1. Carlos Uriostegui on said:

    I completely agree with him. You can never become an officer until you are asked to become an officer.

  2. Elizabeth Peña on said:

    I do believe this is true. To become a leader you have to earn it and know what the people want done. It is easier for a person that has been exposed to normal working wages, or lets say has experience poverty before because he or she knows what the people have gone through because they have been there. Thus they know what legislation to propose and what the people want done and how they prefer to be treated. Since are used to following orders they may know ways that make people listen to them. I totally agree that the title of being a leader is earned, not asked for.

  3. Karina Ramirez on said:

    I agree that its a right to be a leader and you can not just take charge of a situation without first earning it. If the wrong person becomes leader who just orders around others they wont be respected and only cause chaos . It is much better to be with a leader who knows what they are doing because you would feel safe, however, if its someone who you can’t trust they shouldn’t be a leader.
    -Ganesha A.V.I.D 2012

    • the idea of chaos is so appropriate for this. Disorder and confusion may happen in a strong team when a team witnesses that their superior has been given ‘special privileges’ beyond what has been earned. If a NEW person is placed in position of leadership they must have great personable qualities that allow them to earn the respect of their team, QUICK. If that is not the case, chaos could be the outcome.

  4. Carina Mercado on said:

    This article was very interesting.
    -GANESHA AVID (Carina M)

  5. Carina Mercado on said:

    I thought the article was very interesting because I agree that in order to be respected you have to make sure that you demonstrate to other that you are responsible with everything that you do and that they can trust you. Those skills will make you a better human being.

  6. Kimberly Hernandez on said:

    I agree with this article, a person should take action if they have earned the right to do so.
    -Kimberly Hernandez
    Ganesha AVID 2012!!

  7. Erick Martinez on said:

    i agree with him because if you put a person not fit for the responsiblities then that person can affect the work force and the people they are are in charge of.

    – AVID rocks

  8. Felipe Orozco on said:

    The article was very intresting and i totally agree with his statement beacause if you put person who is not capable to meet the requirements, then the people he is in control over will not know what to do.

    – Ganesha AVID rocks !!!!!!!!!!!<3

  9. yuri garica on said:

    I beleive that this article is correct because if a person is not meeting the requirements to be an officer or manager, then they shouldn’t be in that position.

    -Ganesha AVID Rocks
    i love martin

  10. Priscilla Carmona on said:

    I agree with this article because if you need to fufill the requierements in oder to accomplish someting that needs to be done

    Ganesha Avid Rocks

  11. mirely rojas on said:

    This article is very intresting because I agree that its a right to be a leader and you can not just take charge of a situation without first earning it.
    -Ganesha Avid Rocks
    class 2012

  12. Sergio Arambula on said:

    This is really true. One cannot just simply become a leader, they have to earn their spot.
    ganesha AVID!

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