Keep Your Spirits High and Wise…

Every smile through exhaustion, or pressure  is an effort that acts as a building block to the overall attitude of your entire team.

A low spirit will rise-up if it has been nourished well. Daily, we try and make an effort to reach for small ounces of wisdom for continual nourishment.

Leaders, take a moment and share some good words.

It is our hope to keep each other Positive and with intelligent incentive for sincerely maintaining our spirit and the spirit of those around us.   This post isn’t about the “stapled smile” regardless of what you feel.  It’s about making the daily efforts that result in support within your team where your stress can be relayed into systems and procedures for successful results and positive attitudes.

Here at Jose’s we rejoice in our moments of camaraderie, where we share high stress with a great team.

“Stress is not just an obstacle to growth; it can be the fuel for it.”

“Strong social support correlates with an astonishing number of desirable outcomes. For instance, research by Julianne HoltLunstad, Timothy Smith, and Bradley Layton shows that high levels of social support predict longevity as reliably as regular exercise does, and low social support is as damaging as high blood pressure. The benefits of social support are not just physical. In a study of 1,648 students at Harvard that conducted with Phil Stone and Tal Ben-Shahar, we found that social support was the greatest predictor of happiness during periods of high stress…”

“Stress is another central factor contributing to people’s happiness at work. Many companies offer training on how to mitigate stress, focusing on its negative health effects. The problem is, people then get stressed-out about being stressed-out.
It’s important to remember that stress has an

Check out this LINK to read further!

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