Hi!  This blog has been launched by Jose’s Mexican Food, JMF.INC Catering, and Mi Tortilla Mexican Grill, we are a small, family owned enterprise in Southern California.

A Mom-and-Popp:  An Intimate Guide to Hands-On Entrepreneurship?

oh, totally!

After 22 years in business we’ve seen our loyal, and young team members become today’s Dr.’s, professors, and professionals.  We are proud to have been a foundational resource of their skill, leadership, and work ethic.  For over 22 years, through periodic meetings, books, and leadership programs, it is our hope to continue indulging our curious spirits and young leaders who aspire to become entrepreneurs in their own specialty.  Our team’s conversations inspire brainstorming about advancement within themselves and our company.

 Please help us continue to spark the minds, and encourage our youth to materialize their ideas and efforts.  Continue this conversation of leadership and entrepreneurialism, with us!

Help Us Continue Growing our Young Aspiring Leaders

It is our hope to continue growing our young leaders who aspire to become entrepreneurs in their own specialty.

Teaching leadership and being advocates of educational programs in our local communities, has always been a big part of our company endeavors and now, we’d love if you joined our conversational effort.

Through this public blog we’d like to express our desire to thrive for the hardworking class that dreams, as Jose did when he was 7 years old, and as his daughters continue to dream of sustaining a company and developing it! We’ve, only, come a portion of the way in our journey but would like to begin a conversation with our current communities!

Business and Food are the Vessels that make our heart beat, here at Jara.co. (Jose’s Mexican Food, JMF.INC Catering, Mi Tortilla Mexican Grill)

Jose’s Advice on life today:  Business and Pleasure- Mix them!  Mix Mash Mush Smush Shake them UP together!  We’ve mixed our two favorite~ BUSINESS and FOOD!  Cheers!

As we continue to refine our recipes and efforts, we are mindful of the food we make and people we grow!  Please join our conversation and efforts to continue growing the young leaders in our surrounding communities.

By sharing your thoughts, you could make the biggest difference and cause the deepest inspiration in another!


6 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. amanda jara on said:

    Wow this is Awesome!

  2. Jose Guzman on said:

    I love this! My favorite part is the mixing of business and pleasure! I am excited to follow this blog and see how it develops!

    • yaaay! we’re real excited to have you part of the conversation and movement. We know there are many young students monitoring this site and feedback is important for them to read. Thank you for participating, motivating, and being part of our Blog

  3. Not many small business owners today invest much effort or resources into building a culture & providing direction outside of work for their employees. Ultimately, that can lead to an environment where work ethic is poor and customer service is lacking. Leadership is more than making decisions or managing schedules.

    Its great to see a company like Jose’s Mexican Food showing a genuine interest in its employees and community. Good stuff!

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